Dive Into the New Age of Marketing with a Team That Actually Knows How to Leverage Data to Improve Your Business. 

Dylan Hamm: Founder 

Dylan previously worked within marketing research in higher education before leaving to launch a company offering spatial analysis and topographic mapping to work sites and real estate services dealing with large acre transactions. Dylan earned a MS in Data Analytics & Statistical Analysis from Charleston Southern University. Before going to graduate school, he completed undergrad at the University of Alabama. His favorite challenge is working with startups to navigate through the initial launch and towards organizational growth. 

Why Start GoHamm? Simple. We got tired of working with and being around agencies that did nothing more than telling people they need a more relatable logo, push new websites, new wording and SEO without any true understanding of the company's pains, struggles, and story that took place to get it where it is today. We simply cut all the BS out that we believe a lot of marketing agencies bring to the table.